Forum Brings Council & Business Sector Together

1 April 2014

Over the past few months, we have outlined the 8 Big Ideas that form the basis of Wellington City Council’s economic growth agenda. These ideas aim to boost the local economy and make it more diverse.

Together we can create the environment, culture and opportunities that allow people and businesses to flourish.

We are already taking steps to make this happen. A high-level forum was held last month to better understand how the City Council and Wellington’s business sector can work together, and share our collective expertise. The forum was co-hosted by Wellington City Council and Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, and connected around 50 influential business organisations and tertiary leaders with the Council. The forum explored how we can work together to prioritise and create the funding needed to implement a range of transformative economic projects – including the 8 Big Ideas.

There was valuable dialogue about the Council’s economic growth agenda, which includes increasing international air connections, improving transport, developing a tech precinct, and creating a more liveable city; initiatives that address many of the challenges businesses face in Wellington.

“Wellington’s tech sector needs access to talent and access to markets. It’s good to see the Council engage with the sector to advance these goals,” said Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper.

Breakout sessions examined these key Council proposals, which gave the business sector the opportunity to give constructive and honest feedback on the way forward; it is clear from these discussions that working together is imperative.

Linda Sissons, CEO of Weltec, said “Wellington local government, business and tertiary education need to not just join the dots but also plan growth together.” The city is home to a range of superb tertiary institutions and some of the smartest businesses in the South Pacific, and it has a healthy start-up culture that is the envy of other cities. Wellington has all the raw ingredients a world-class city needs. Our aim is to work with business to draw on this and grow the city.

The business community creates jobs, has ideas and takes calculated risks. They invest in the city and are concerned to see it succeed. Together we can create the environment, culture and opportunities that allow people and businesses to flourish.