A Day in the Life of Wellington City Council

29 April 2014

Wellingtonians connect with Council services in many ways.

Information graphic.

Here are just a few examples of what Council staff do in a day to ensure that we all enjoy a healthy, safe and stimulating life in our great city.

All this and much more for the equivalent of $5.70 day per resident.

In a day:

  •  7.28m litres of water are supplied
  • 956 people visit recreation centres
  • 1,491 visitors welcomed to our gallery and museums
  • 3,383 people visit the pools
  • 7,727 people visit our libraries
  • 9,841 items are borrowed from libraries
  • 250 people visit the Service Centre
  • 1,200 calls are answered
  • 6,000 visitors to the Council website
  • 400 people visit the landfill
  • 6,800 bags of household waste are collected
  • 13,600 bags of recycling are collected
  • 17,706 people took public transport to work
  • 21,912 city residents walked or cycled to work
  • 39,756 city residents drove to work.