2014 NZ International Comedy Festival in Cahoots with Old Mout Cider and James Nokise

17 April 2014

To celebrate laughter, comedy and all things hilarious we decided to ask James Nokise from The Bro Naissance some unashamedly Wellington-centric questions.

James Nokise dressed in a basketball vest with a Elizabethan ruff and a bottle of whiskey in his hand for The Bro Naissance

James Nokise in The Bro Naissance


Q: Do Wellingtonians laugh more than other New Zealanders?

A: Well, we're a bit more hip to politics than your average Kiwi – yes, even in The Hutt. 

Q: Why do we laugh less/more than the rest of New Zealand?

A: Because if your job means interacting with the government – you need a laugh...and a drink. Funnily enough, comedy shows are good for both.

Q: Wellington’s Mayor arrives to a lot of her meetings riding her bicycle. Do you think all New Zealand mayors should use their bikes to get to meetings?

A: Well The CWB (as she's known in the streets) is proper gangsta – her Samoan name translates to "Wind Cycler" - others can try, but she's the real deal.

Q: What is your favourite Wellington icon and why?

A: The Library – not the bar (which is also awesome) but the massive centre of information next to the police station, as if to say "learn – or else". I've gone around this country twice and lived in London, and it's still the best library you'll find. And it's across from Lido – who do great scrambled eggs.  

Q: Do you laugh at your own jokes?

A: I laugh at stupid things (like politicians) and then the joke is my way of explaining why I'm laughing.

Q: Can you come up with a ‘knock knock’ joke about Wellington/ians   

Knock knock

Who's there?

A Wellingtonian 

A Wellingtonian who?

A Wellingtonian who would like an obscure coffee, craft beer, gluten-free food, and a magazine about the city I live in. I'll listen to this local band with a horn section while I wait.