TV-Takeback Offer Ends Soon

18 March 2014

If you’ve embraced digital television and still have an analogue television set on your property that you want to dispose of responsibly, then be sure to take up the $5 TV Takeback offer that ends soon.

Old-fashioned television.

Drop off your old TVs for $5 - offer ends 31 March

Older television sets contain materials that can be harmful if they find their way into soils and waterways, but could have a useful second life when they are recycled.

Most of your old TV can get a second life:

  • Copper around the electron gun can be recycled into cabling for home appliances including toasters, kettles and lighting.
  • High-grade iron wire can be turned into nails, nuts and bolts; and elements such as lead, copper, zinc and cadmium have futures in industrial products.

Until 31 March, you can bring your old TV to the ewaste drop-off at the Southern Landfill recycling centre or the RemarkIT Solutions premises in Grenada North for just $5; after this, the $20 fee will apply.

For more information, phone (04) 499 4444 or visit:
Landfill - Electrical Waste