New Conference & Concert Facilities

11 March 2014

New conference and concert facilities will help keep Wellington on the international stage.

Crowd attending a concert.

Bringing in the crowds


Late last year, Wellington City Council announced a growth agenda aimed at boosting the city’s and region’s economy. It includes a series of ideas that will encourage business growth and investment in the Wellington area.

One of the ideas focuses on the construction of bigger conference and concert facilities in the central city.

Wellington already has some great conference and concert facilities – but none large enough to compete for the larger conventions or the biggest entertainment acts.

A big conference centre and a bigger concert venue are needed if Wellington is to continue to thrive and foot it on the international stage.

Conventions bring visitors from across New Zealand and all over the world to Wellington to learn, discuss ideas and make connections. Larger conference facilities help to draw the corporate and business events and special interest travel sectors and attract higher-value visitors – visitors who stay longer and spend more. By being able to host large-scale conferences, Wellington can reap the economic benefits of business growth and more jobs.

A bigger indoor concert venue would put Wellington back on the international touring map for headline acts and attract more visitors to the city. Wellingtonians would no longer have to fly to Auckland or Australia to see their favourite acts, and those from surrounding regions of New Zealand would come to Wellington. A bigger concert venue will add to the vibrancy of an already buzzing Capital City.

Provision of larger conference and concert facilities aligns with Tourism New Zealand’s priority of attracting high-value visitors to New Zealand and will complement our existing suite of fantastic venues throughout the city. More visitors – whether they are conference delegates or concert goers – will have a positive impact for the accommodation, hospitality and retail sectors and result in growth for the wider Wellington economy.