Growing our Liveable City

4 March 2014

One of Wellington’s greatest strengths is the quality of life we enjoy.

Brandons Rock Walkway, Newlands.

Brandon's Rock, Newlands


We are a highly educated, cosmopolitan city and we consistently rank among the world’s top 20 cities in international liveable city surveys. This didn’t come about by accident; it was the result of sustained and deliberate investment in the city by the Council and other partners over a long period of time.

Investment in the Stadium, Te Papa, the revitalised waterfront, Oriental Bay beach, events and the arts, the Town Belt, our compact urban form and café culture have all helped rejuvenate the city and make it the fantastic place that it is.

Wellington city also has the advantage of being truly connected to its environment; a centre framed by the harbour and bush-covered hills, the world-class botanic gardens and parks, dozens of beaches and miles of rugged coastline all ensure that nature is a crucial part of the city’s identity.

In order to maintain our international liveability index ranking, we must continuously invest to enhance our high quality of life. This is a vital factor in retaining residents and businesses, as well as attracting new talent and investment to the city.

When asked, most residents and visitors enjoy the way the city looks and feels, and appreciate the high quality of life that can be had here.

Skilled migrants, students, businesses, institutions, and investment are all mobile and gravitate towards places where they can realise their potential and enjoy great quality of life.

We aren’t resting on our laurels, and have a broad programme in place to enhance the city’s liveability. We have plans to revitalise our town centres, improve public spaces, and make it easier to travel to and through the city.

We are also working on strengthening the city’s urban-nature connection, and are busy earthquake strengthening core infrastructure. We are taking steps to grow and diversify our economy so that there is a choice of quality jobs on offer so that living standards remain high and the Wellington’s young can have a range of career opportunities right here in the city.

Wellington’s liveability is a great strength and the result of years of investment. One of our priorities is to make sure we can continue to invest in projects to enhance the city’s liveability and residents’ quality of life. That investment starts by making sure we are on sound financial footing – by making sure our economy is performing and the ratepayer base is growing. By taking these steps there will be more resources available to invest in community amenities and we can continue to enjoy everything that makes this city so great.