Green Recycling Bags Delivery

18 March 2014

A new supply of green recycling bags will be delivered to your place soon – but please make sure you use the green bags for recycling, not for general rubbish.

Rubbish collector picking up green recycling bags.

Use the green bags for recycling, not general rubbish

Together Wellington City residents recycle about 12,000 tonnes of materials a year. This reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill by about 20 percent and we’d like to see this grow.

Council Waste Operations Manager Adrian Mitchell says people can help by making sure they never put general rubbish out in the green bags because it contaminates the recyclables.

“When this happens, the company that sorts the recycling may reject it and large quantities of paper, tins, cans and plastic that people have carefully separated and recycled can end up in the landfill.”

General rubbish must go out in yellow Council bags, available from most supermarkets and dairies.

If you have trouble remembering whether it is a green crate week, or the week you need to put out bags or wheelie bins, you can check by using our search tool - just type in the name of your street:

Rubbish and Recycling - Collections

When your search results come up, there’s also an iCalendar file that you can use to get reminders on your mobile or desk-top calendar – or a traditional-style calendar you can print.

Starting this week, we’ll be delivering packs of 52 green bags to about 26,000 Wellington City households over the next two months. The bags should be used for all recyclables except glass. As usual, properties that have a Council wheelie bin won’t receive green bags.