Free Home Energy Assessments

25 March 2014

Did you know that you can get a comprehensive and free home energy assessment done on your home or rental property?

Mother with baby on a rug.

Brigid's home is now as snug as a bub on a rug


Wellington City Council contracts Home&dry to provide impartial assessments and subsidises some of the energy saving products.

Brigid Kean has not only used the service to transform her Karori rental property from a draughty, cold and damp place to a cosy, warm and dry home; she has also convinced her landlords to make use of the service.

Brigid’s Karori property, a 1940s state house, went through quite the transformation after Jonathan from Home&dry completed a thorough assessment and produced a ten-point action plan in order of priority and gave approximate costings. Brigid was able to address the plan in her own time when she could afford it.

A polythene layer was installed on the basement floor to stop rising damp, gaps in the previously installed under-floor insulation were fixed, ceiling insulation, an efficient shower head, wrap on the hot water cylinder, heat pump, panel heaters, and an extractor fan were all installed.

The (unflued) gas heating was also disconnected as it was expensive and was making the house damp. Now the power bills are down and Brigid’s tenants are happy and settled. Brigid is sure that if and when they do move out it will be easy to find new tenants. “A warm home is a big part of what makes rental properties appealing these days.”

Brigid, her partner Ryan and their three-month old daughter, Jeanie, have moved in to a Newtown apartment, where the landlords agreed to get the assessment done and have installed a heat pump and fixed heaters. “I know Jeanie will be warm all through winter and we will no longer be spending loads on our power bills.”

To book your free home assessment, phone 0508 466 363 or email