Developing a Film Precinct & Film Museum

18 March 2014

Wellington’s film sector thrills, inspires and amazes people here and around the world. It is a vital part of the city’s identity and economy – it’s the country’s creative gateway.

Mural above the bar at Roxy Cinema in Miramar.

Mural in Roxy Cinema, Miramar


Miramar is the home of New Zealand’s film industry. The possible extension of the airport runway, growth of the film industry and potential developments such as the old prison site and Shelly Bay mean the peninsula is likely to change.

We want these to enhance the area and its reputation as a centre of creative work – by considering the development of a film precinct, associated education facilities and an enterprise zone, with a world-class film museum in the central city.

Despite being thousands of kilometres away from Hollywood, Wellington’s film-making hub of Miramar plays a lead role in many international blockbuster films. Wellington is home to Academy Award winners, and thousands of people are employed as cast, crew, designers, software developers, programmers, animators, and other creative collaborators.

Aside from being the base of many film studios, visual and digital effects companies, editing and post-production facilities, Miramar is home to Roxy Cinema, Weta Workshop and its mini-museum, as well as a children’s television series that is broadcast in more than 100 countries.

For Miramar and the film industry to continue to thrive, we want to encourage local businesses that will support the development of film and related education facilities.

The Council could create a framework to develop parts of Miramar. One option is to create an enterprise zone – essentially an expanded film precinct and perhaps an international film school. The idea presents a great opportunity for new developments and could attract major investment. For people coming to live in the area, Miramar Peninsula would also be a recreation area on their doorstep, with open spaces and walking and cycling tracks.

The possible runway extension and announcements that the next three Avatar films will be made in Wellington provide a platform we can build on to enhance the area and its reputation.

Visitors to the city often like to see behind the scenes of movie-making and to further explore their favourite films. An interactive film museum will be a fantastic new addition to our existing museums, attracting a worldwide audience.

A film museum located in central Wellington could take the world’s love of film to a whole new level. It would also be a window on some of our most talented Wellingtonians – alongside plenty of swords and trolls.