Better Transport for Johnsonville

25 March 2014

Better transport for everyone in Johnsonville just got one step closer. We’re working with the NZ Transport Agency to get traffic moving better along Johnsonville, Moorefield and Broderick roads – known as the Johnsonville Triangle.

Johnsonville roundabout, off State Highway One.

Johnsonville roundabout, off State Highway One


Works will include:

  • widening the State Highway 1 off-ramp
  • intersection changes
  • a new pathway for cyclists and pedestrians
  • better facilities for public transport
  • a new, wider bridge to replace the railway bridge at Broderick/Moorefield roads.

Stavros Michael, the Council’s Manager City Networks, says these long-awaited changes will do more than make it easier to get into and around Johnsonville.

“They will also provide a much needed base for future commercial and residential growth in the area. The $11m project is in keeping with the Johnsonville Town Centre Plan and should help to boost the area’s economy.”

The project will also pave the way for the planned redevelopment of Johnsonville Mall by DNZ Property Fund.

Over the next six months, we’ll liaise with the community, complete detailed designs and plan construction (expected to start later this year).

If you’re keen to find out more, come to our community information session on Tuesday 8 April, 3pm–8pm, Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmoore Avenue.

You can also join the community network and, if you have any suggestions, email: