Your Rates Make this City Great

18 February 2014

Wellington ratepayers get value for money, with rates funding the infrastructure we need and the lifestyle we want.

Illustration of Wellington city.


Rates are a form of tax paid to councils to fund vital services, infrastructure and more in local communities. Your rates pay for a wide range of services that, together, ensure you live, work and play in a safe and attractive city.

Your rates bill also contributes to building and maintaining city facilities like parks, sports fields, libraries, galleries and museums – things that are important to Wellingtonians.

See an illustration of the variety of activities and services the Council provides:

Illustration - Your Rates in Action

Some of these services are funded by rates, some from user fees, and others from a combination of rates, fees and/or other sources of income such as government subsidies. In some cases we fund other organisations to provide these services and activities.

In 2014/2015, the proposed average residential rates bill will be $2,080 (this is based on an average property value of $526,940).

This compares favourably to what the average residential household spends each year on:

  • electricity – $2,012
  • insurance – $3,428
  • petrol – $1,856
  • phone and internet – $1,889.

We’d like to hear your feedback on the proposals in our Draft Annual Plan. You can make a submission online, by post, or email, or by presenting your submission in person to Councillors.

The Council invites you to read more about the Draft Annual Plan and make your views known before 5pm on 11 March.

For more information, see:
Public Input - Draft Annual Plan 2014/15

Did you know?

  • Recycling is funded by a portion of landfill fees, not through rates.
  • Every time you swim at one of our pools you pay 40 percent of the real cost of that service. Adults pay $5.90 but without the Council subsidy it would cost $14.80.
  • Adults pay $21 to visit the zoo but without the subsidy provided by the Council it would be $33.
  • Around 38 percent of our transport costs are funded by grants from the NZ Transport Agency.
  • It costs $94 per resident per year to provide 12 libraries with over 625,000 books, 200,000 magazines and 96,000 CDs and DVDs.
  • Most of the great events we hold in the city are funded though the commercial-targeted rate and not through residential rates.
  • Your free on-street weekend parking is fully funded by the downtown-targeted rate.