Developing a Tech Precinct

18 February 2014

Wellington is New Zealand’s Smart Capital with knowledge-based service industries accounting for over 55 percent of the city’s GDP.

Group of CEOs from digital start-up businesses in Wellington.

CEOs like these from digital startups are what we need for the tech precinct

From special effects to accounting software, from cartography to mobile applications, we have smart people in smart companies choosing to connect to the world from right here.

As the city’s best and brightest step up, so is the Council. We are moving to strengthen Wellington as a globally significant technology city and reinforce its position as home to New Zealand’s premier technology industries.

Why? Because we want to provide the best environment for our entrepreneurs to create the innovative high-growth companies and highvalue jobs that are fundamental to Wellington’s economic growth.

Wellington is home to a number of superb tertiary institutions and some of the smartest businesses in the south Pacific. We also have the most exciting tech sector in the country and a vibrant start-up culture in tech and creative industries.

The Technology Investment Network recently named the 10 elite innovative companies to watch in 2014 and four of them – Datacom, Xero, Intergen and Fronde – are based in Wellington.

These Wellington companies grew three times faster than companies in other regions. But we can do even better. By leveraging our strengths, Wellington can grow its economy faster.

A central city tech precinct offers the kind of environment we need to foster growth in high-tech companies and encourage connections between start-ups, incubators, established businesses, training providers and investors. Innovation will flourish, new skills, jobs and companies will be generated, and the economy and city will prosper.

The Council cannot do it alone. We are working with incubators and New Zealand start-up ‘accelerators’ and investors.

We’ll also need our universities involved as well as some New Zealand and global corporations to have a presence in the precinct.

We believe this is possible and are now working with developers, universities and tech companies to investigate a precinct, possibly in the Cuba Street area.

A tech precinct is one of the eight big ideas in the Council's growth agenda.

What are the 8 Big Ideas?

Wellington City Council recognises that in order to prosper we need to invest in the things that grow our economy. The 8 Big Ideas, although in their formative stages, aim to set out a priority agenda for the next three years to provide investment opportunities and confidence in the city’s growth. While each idea is at a different stage of development, collectively they have the ability to significantly transform the city.

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