Join the Youth Council

21 January 2014

If you’re keen to have a say on issues affecting youth in Wellington City, with a lively group of other young people, talk to us about joining the Youth Council.

Youth Council members.

It gives advice to City Councillors on issues and planned services and facilities in Wellington, and the impact on young people.

This year Weltec used the Youth Council as a case study for its Bachelor of Youth Development,
in giving young people a genuine say.

Youth Council Chair Jack Marshall says one of the benefits of being a member is the opportunity to contribute on a range of interesting issues.

“Last year we had a lot of input into the City Council’s Alcohol Management Strategy, which included running a special youth workshop and writing and presenting submissions.

“For the local body elections, we set up the Vote Welly website to inform young people on candidates and how to enrol, and ran sessions at several Wellington high schools.”

The group also collaborates with other youth groups in the city, including LINK (the Boys’ and Girls’ Institute), Evolve and the Victoria University Students’ Association.

“It’s a great way to develop skills and confidence, and meet all kinds of people. We use the collaborative decision-making website, Loomio, and recently set up on Twitter to support our Facebook page.”

Simon Wright, a City Council Senior Advisor on Consultation and Engagement, says the Youth Council has really stepped up in reminding City Councillors of young people’s views.

“They offer the city a fresh take on things that many of us take for granted. Our Youth Councillors have a tremendous opportunity to see how decisions are made and make their own contribution.”

To find out more, email or go to: Youth Council