Encouraging Local Food Production

7 January 2014

Wellingtonians love their local cafés and restaurants, but most of the food we eat comes from somewhere else.

Community garden.

Grow more local food


Charlotte Stephens, a Victoria University architecture student doing her masters degree, is working with the Council’s community and neighbourhood adviser Sarah Adams to look at how to encourage more people to produce food locally.

Charlotte says this is moving up a gear from community gardens to explore the potential for commercial food production in the city. Local food has benefits for building the community, stimulating the economy and keeping people connected to nature.

“There are a lot of restaurants out there that really want local food and we are not producing it locally,” Sarah says. She says it’s also about food security - meaning the city can feed itself in an emergency.

Over summer 15 students from Victoria University will be working with Council staff on a wide range of research projects, including exploring what domestic cats get up to around Zealandia wildlife sanctuary, cycling to work and green buildings.

The student interns are part of a partnership between the two organisations to explore issues concerning the city’s resilience, ecology and urban environment.