Economic Growth Agenda to Transform the City

28 January 2014

Wellington is a brilliant place to live. It leads the country in indicators of social wellbeing, environment and community strength.

Wellington city.

The Council is committed to providing the foundations and services for businesses to prosper


The one area where we lack an edge is the economy. We need to reduce our reliance on the government sector, as we’re falling behind in GDP growth, new jobs and new business creation.

Economic growth will increase the ratepayer base, providing the means for the Council to invest more in the city - everything from parks and events through to biodiversity.

Wellington has all the ingredients for better economic performance. The city can build a more prosperous economy if it plays to its strengths and invests in the right areas. 

We must focus on areas where we have advantages such as film, IT and design, tourism, creativity and education, and build better connections between the tertiary sector and businesses. We also have to remove barriers to growth by improving our connections to the region, to the rest of the world and by making it easier to do business in the city.

Here we introduce to you the City Council’s Growth Agenda. It includes (but is not limited to) 8 Big Ideas that aim to boost the local economy and make it more diverse.

If we can do this, it will generate more quality jobs to attract talented people to the city and retain our students. It will lift business confidence and encourage investment.

Transformation is not new to Wellington. We’ve done it before. The city is a long way from the quiet government town of the 1980s.

That transformation gave us an international film industry, the Stadium, a fantastic waterfront, Te Papa, the Embassy Theatre, Oriental Bay beach, Taputeranga Marine Reserve and introduced free wifi to the central city. These continue to make us proud.

This history shows us that with the right investment, significant change can occur.

The ideas are in their formative stages. Funding decisions will follow in time if the ideas prove feasible.

The ideas collectively demonstrate the Council’s commitment to provide the foundations and services for businesses to prosper in the city.

The Council cannot create economic prosperity on its own - these ideas can only become a reality if we work in partnership with others.

Eight big ideas for economic growth

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