Light Show for Opera House Lane

10 December 2013

Moving light patterns and colours will soon make an evening trip through Opera House Lane quite an experience.

As part of the upgrade of the lane, we’ve ordered new projector lights that can be programmed to produce an ever-changing sequence of textures and special effects. They will be installed next year along with new LED street lights, which will make the laneway brighter, safer and more appealing.

Council urban designer Peter Fraser says the computer-generated projector lights are similar to those used for shows and by bands and can revolve and spin 360 degrees.

“They will bring some theatre and magic out into the lane.”

Work has been happening in the lane over the past few weeks to improve the connection between Manners Street and the waterfront. A new pedestrian crossing point has been put in on Wakefield Street between the lane and Michael Fowler Centre car park and the lane is being progressively resurfaced. The surfacing work is weather dependent, and being done around Opera House events, but should be complete before Christmas.