Lend a Helping Hand this Christmas

17 December 2013

We’d like to add our voice to encouraging your support for the hard-working agencies in the Capital that provide a helping hand – and not just for people who are homeless or who beg on city streets.

City Mission food bank volunteer.

Donate to the City Mission food bank


Wellington City Mission is busy sorting donated food and toys for families that might otherwise have a tough Christmas, all while providing ongoing services to those in need.

City Mission Chief Executive Michelle Branney says demand is always strong at this time of year. “The pressure comes on, particularly for families and people on low incomes, and the generosity of Wellingtonians helps to make their Christmas a little bit special."

You can also text a $3 donation to our Alternative Giving campaign and support the city’s most vulnerable residents. Text ‘GIVE’ to 4462 and your $3 goes towards providing basic needs - food, clothing or transport, finding a place to live or access to income and health services.

Donations go to the City Mission, Downtown Community Ministry, the Soup Kitchen, the Night Shelter, Catacombs ‘drop-in’ centre and Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust.

There are many other ways you can help - including donating food to your local food bank, and clothing or food to Women’s Refuge.

And why not get to know your neighbours - say hello over the back fence or invite them in for a cup of tea. It could turn out to be the best thing you’ve done all year!