Growing Wellington's Economy

17 December 2013

Tomorrow, the Council will approve a package of big ideas and initiatives that aim to expand and re-energise the economy and transform the city.

Aerial view of Wellington city.

The Council will help to expand the city’s economy

An airport runway extension, a convention centre and a film museum that recognises the work of the Capital’s movie moguls and the history of New Zealand’s movie industry, are among the ideas being pursued.

City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery calls the package a ‘Priority Growth Agenda’ - something that will give businesses and residents “a clear sense of direction and confidence that we’re serious about improving the city’s economy”.

By supporting and enabling economic development, Wellington City will grow and growth means more room to invest. This means investment in amenities and services that make the city more liveable and attract more people and businesses.

“Growing the economy will benefit everyone - residents, ratepayers and businesses,” says Kevin. “A growing economy means we will have more resources for city services and amenities - the things we love about Wellington.”

A tech precinct in the CBD, and investment in better transport options - ranging from improved cycling and vehicle routes to better public transport - are also at the centre of the package.

While most projects are only at the concept stage, Kevin Lavery says collectively they have the ability to make a significant difference to the city’s overall economic performance.

“These projects demonstrate the Council’s commitment to provide the foundations and services for businesses to prosper in the city - to grow the high-tech, high value industries, to partner with others on projects that expand the economy, and to build global recognition for the city’s products and services.”

The city’s economic performance has been flat for a number of years. While the global economic crisis is part of the explanation, Wellington’s economy requires greater diversity to deliver the kind of city we want.

The Council cannot create prosperity on its own but it can work in partnership with others to create the environment, culture and opportunities that will allow talented people and smart businesses to flourish.