Annual Plan Consultation Starts Earlier

3 December 2013

You’ll have the opportunity to comment on the Council’s draft Annual Plan earlier than usual next year – in February rather than April.

With a new Council in place, our aim is to complete the 2014/15 Annual Plan process earlier so we can start looking ahead and setting priorities for our Long-term Plan, which is updated every third year.

Both plans will help us to achieve our Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital vision and include important projects that affect the lives of all Wellingtonians - at work, home and play.

Next week, on 11 and 12 December, the Governance, Finance and Planning Committee (made up of all Councillors) will begin deliberations on what goes into the draft Annual Plan.

The full Council will then adopt the draft plan on 19 December.

Consultation will start on 11 February and continue until 11 March. You’ll have the chance to provide feedback - we’ll let you know about those opportunities closer to the time.

The final 2014/15 Annual Plan will come into effect on 1 July 2014 - the same time as usual - however, once adopted in early May, work can begin sooner to progress new initiatives.