Playgrounds to be Upgraded

5 November 2013

Kids are in for even more fun at three local playgrounds, with a whole lot of ways to spin, swing, climb and explore.

Playground upgrade concept drawing.

More ways for kids to have fun


Starting in March next year, we will be renewing play areas in Miramar, Kingston and Wilton and have been talking to local residents to see what they think of our draft plans.

At all three playgrounds, we want to include some landscape features to reflect the natural outdoor setting, such as a mound with a pipe tunnel, boardwalk and stepping stones at Crawford Green play area in Miramar. New play equipment would include a Spinner, a climbing frame with slide and a ‘Birds’ Nest’ swing.

At the Quebec Street play area in Kingston, we are suggesting renewing the play equipment with a new double swing, a Spinner and rock stepping stones. There would be a new, landscaped seating area.

At Surrey Street play area in Wilton, children would be able to slide from a platform into a lower area of the playground, and get up close to plants along a pathway through new, low, vegetation.

There will be some new fences, and shrubs and trees will be planted. Work in all three areas is expected to take about six weeks and cost around:

  • $80,000 for Crawford Green
  • $65,000 for Quebec Street
  • $75,000 for Surrey Street.

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