Kākā Week at Zealandia

19 November 2013

Wellingtonians are enjoying seeing kākā back in the city – but by feeding them you may be harming our native parrot with kindness.


Learn more about the boisterous kākā

It’s kākā week at Zealandia and nesting time for these birds so please remember, the best way to care for the kākā is to plant the food they naturally eat.

Wellington Zoo admits a large number of sick kākā each year because of a poor diet. This happens when the kākā parents are fed the wrong kind of food - including bread, nuts and seeds - by people in the community. The kākā then feed this to their growing chicks, causing major problems such as bone and beak deformities.

Bread can cause intestinal problems and dehydration. And feeding kākā bread on the ground increases the risk of them getting attacked by cats.

Kākā eat a range of insects and fruit. When you plant your garden with natives, which flower and fruit at different times of the year, you provide natural food sources for birds and other animals. If you really can’t resist feeding kākā, stick to a variety of fresh fruit.

Visit Zealandia this week for special activities to celebrate these boisterous and charming ambassadors of the sanctuary. There are themed talks and clue trails all week and activities for all ages on Sunday 24 November from 11am - 3pm.

For more information, including how to attract more birds to your garden and how to feed them safely, see:
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