Free Recycling Crate & Reminders

12 November 2013

It’s Recycling Week and we’ve got some tips and free glass crates to help encourage Wellingtonians to keep up the good work.

Recycling crates.

To help mark Recycling Week, glass recycling crates are available free from our Service Centre this week

Launched last year, the week aims to get Kiwis thinking about waste-free living.

According to our recycling guru, Council CitiOperations Manager Zac Jordan, Wellingtonians are keen recyclers, but there are still a few things we can do to improve.

Recycling reminders for your smartphone

Put the right receptacle out on the right day. Don’t wait to see what the neighbours are doing - use the collection day search on our website to find the details of rubbish and recycling collections in your street. Smartphone users can also download an automatic calendar reminder, see:
Rubbish and Recycling - Collections

Wellington can be windy so if the weather is wild put your recycling out as close to collection time as possible, not the night before. On blustery days, valuable recyclables can end up clogging our drains. Separate your recycling carefully.

Crates are for glass, with wheelie bins or bags for paper, plastic and tins. If you don’t separate your glass, it will all end up as general waste and not be recycled at all. Use your green crate. Almost everyone in Wellington puts their bins or bags out, but only about half of us are using our glass crates.

Free glass crates

If you need a new crate, or even an extra one, you can pick one up for free during Recycling Week (11 - 17 November). Stop in at our service centre at 101 Wakefield Street, or phone 499 4444 to have one delivered. Remember: glass collection is limited to two crates per household.