Avoid Parking Tickets with Phone2park

26 November 2013

Ever paid for parking time you didn’t use? Been stuck in a meeting while the meter is ticking over?

At parking meter.

Phone2park is another smart way to pay for parking


If parking in the city is a regular frustration for you, things are looking up. We are partnering with local company phone2park to launch a free smartphone app, which will make parking fees much fairer and could mean the end of fines for registered users.

The phone2park system is a great option for hassle-free parking. Simply find a parking space, enter your location and the amount of time you require on the app and walk away - there’s no need to scramble for change, and no risk of losing your parking slip in the wind.

You’ll receive a text reminder five minutes before your time is up, and provided you are within the maximum time-limit of the parking zone, you’ll be able to top up your payment and avoid unwelcome tickets.

If you return to your car early, you can send a ‘stop’ text and any overpayment will be instantly credited to your account.

To use phone2park you will need to provide your mobile number and car registration details, and activate your account by making an internet banking or credit card deposit.

You will receive a barcode to display on the windscreen, so parking wardens can continue to keep an eye on things. Phone2park can be used in any Council-controlled parking spaces, including Coupon Parking zones.

It is possible to set up group accounts for multiple vehicles, making the app a convenient option for families or businesses.

It is also simple to manage your parking expense claims – receipts can be downloaded or emailed at any time. For more information or to register, visit: