Zealandia: Reduced Entry Fee & New Tours

29 October 2013

Zealandia has lowered its prices and introduced some new tours and packages, so start planning your next visit now.

Tuatara. Photo by Janice McKenna.

Tuatara at Zealandia


The changes make visiting the eco-sanctuary more exciting and affordable.

New guided day tours include Bubbles, Breakfast and Birdsong - a two-hour morning tour with sumptuous breakfast in the valley. For visitors with a bit more time and energy, there’s the Wildside Walk – a three-hour tour and picnic lunch into the furthest reaches of the valley.

Adult entry has dropped from $28.50 to $17.50 and visitors can now see the Sanctuary Valley and Zealandia Exhibition for one price: adults $17.50, children $9, families $44. This means everyone has the opportunity to understand what eco-restoration means, and how and why Zealandia exists.

The general admission price also includes:

  • a new Introducing Zealandia 30-minute wander (on weekends)
  • the popular Walk and Talk 45-minute guided exploration of the lower valley (each day).

For those who buy a general admission but are short on time on the day, or strike bad weather, Zealandia will allow people to come back the next day free.

To reward people who come both during the day and also join a night tour, there is a new price package covering a general admission plus night tour.

Zealandia is open from 10am - 5pm every day (except Christmas Day). For more information and updated prices, see: Zealandia