Students Help Others Stay Safe

8 October 2013

Your mission: to create a road safety poster that makes 11 – 13 year-olds more alert when crossing the road.


These winning poster designs will help encourage young people to cross roads carefully


Thirty Massey University digital illustration students rose to the challenge from Evans Bay Intermediate School’s road safety team to design a poster.

With Alex Baur coming in as the clear winner, he was in his element. “I’m a kid at heart and put myself in their shoes. It wasn’t such a huge step.”

Evans Bay student Alex Curran says they chose Alex’s posters because they are bright green and eye-catching. “Kids understand them and they have a clear message. They were clear favourites with the school, getting 58 of the 191 votes.”

The school has been working with the Council for several years to make it safer for students to get to and from school on foot, scooter or by cycle.

So far they’ve analysed traffic flows and peak times and observed how their peers cross the road, identified blind spots and possible solutions.

They realised they needed to encourage their peers to be more alert when crossing the road but couldn’t find any posters appropriate for their age group.

The poster will be used in and around Evans Bay and at other full primary and intermediate schools in Wellington to remind students to cross the road safely.