Stay Safe on Your Bike

15 October 2013

With the promise of warm summer days on the horizon, you may be thinking of getting out on your bike. If you aren’t a regular cyclist, there are a few golden rules to be aware of to help you stay safe on two wheels.

Richard London stays a safe distance from parked cars


Be sure to follow the road rules and be predictable - whether you’re on the road or cycling in a shared zone. When you’re using a shared pathway, courtesy is the key to safety for you, pedestrians and other cyclists. Use your bell if you have one - pedestrians won’t always hear you coming from behind.

At intersections, always stop at red lights - for everyone’s sake. We also ask drivers to doublecheck behind them before pulling out onto the road and before opening car doors, particularly on narrow city streets.

And if you haven’t been out on a bike for a while, and feel like you need to brush up on your cycle skills, consider attending refresher training by Pedal Ready. To find out about the next sessions, go to their website at:

Pedal Ready