Better Than Auckland, Shamed By Christchurch

3 October 2013

With the voting period half finished, it is looking like Wellington voters are sitting on their hands – and that we may be in for another turnout to be ashamed of.

That’s the disappointing conclusion of Wellington City Electoral Officer Charlie Inggs, who says that, after 10 days of voting, only 15.5% (21,096) of the Capital’s 136,390 eligible voters have returned their papers.

That compares with 15.9% at the same time in the voting period in 2010 and 16.1% in 2007.

“In 2010 we just managed to get over the 40% turnout mark. This time, if things keep going the way they are, I’ll be surprised if we get to 38%,” says Mr Inggs.

“Wellington is a political town – we are all supposed to eat, sleep and breathe politics.

“Dare I say it – it looks like we’ll get a better turnout in Auckland, who are chasing us with a 12.6% turnout, but it is Christchurch who are shaming us with a 20.65% return rate to date.”

As of last night, the southern, eastern and Onslow-Western wards were neck and neck on turnout of 16%, the northern ward was on 15% and the Lambton ward was trailing with turnout of only 13.7%.

For more details, go to the link below for turnout analysis:

Elections - Results & Voting Documents Returned - Wellington City Council

Mr Inggs urges Wellingtonians to take the time to vote. “If the envelope’s sitting on your kitchen table, please deal to it this weekend and get it back in the mail. It’s easy and it comes with a guidebook with bios on all the candidates if you don’t know who to vote for.

“And you don’t even need a stamp – the postage is free.”

Post by 9 October to ensure delivery by 12 noon on election day. After 9 October voting papers can be delivered to the Election office, 101 Wakefield Street or after hours in the overnight drop box at 101 Wakefield Street, or at any Wellington City Library up to 12 noon on election day, Saturday 12 October. 

Other important election update notes and reminders for voters, based on voter feedback:

  • All elections on Wellington City voting papers are STV (single transferable vote)
  • Vote for as many or as few candidates as you like for each election, using numbers in sequence, starting at 1 for your most-preferred candidate
  • On the voting papers, the Capital and Coast District Health Board election candidates are ranged over 2 columns, but it is still just one election
  • Post your voting papers with the address showing in the window of the envelope
  • Please call 499 4444 or email before 4pm  Friday 4 October 2013 if your voting papers and/or return envelope have been damaged by rain. We can post a special vote to replace damaged papers or a replacement return envelope if only the envelope has been damaged.
  • After 4pm on Friday 4 October 2013 it will be too late to post special voting papers out to you, so please call in at the Election office, 101 Wakefield Street up to noon on election day, Saturday 12 October, if you still require a special vote.