Set Your Clocks for Tulip Sunday

24 September 2013

Because it’s been a mild winter, the 25,000 tulips are looking beautiful ahead of their traditional showtime on Tulip Sunday this weekend – which is also the start of daylight saving.

Red tulips.

Visitors can expect to see glorious combinations of colour – yellow mixes, red mixes and a new variety, Ronaldo, a blood-red miniature with velvet petals. A stunning pink and white combination features the Boccherini and Francoise varieties.

Botanic Garden Manager David Sole says good weather can bring as many as 12,000 visitors to see the displays and enjoy the entertainment on Tulip Sunday.

There’s music from good-time jug band The Pitts, classic rock and blues band Itchycoo Park and Dutch choir Bloemkolenkoor, dancing from the Young Tulip Dancers, and traditional Dutch food. It’s a big weekend, so remember to put your clocks forward one hour before going to bed on Saturday night.

And if you are taking the dog for a walk on the beach before going to see the tulips, remember daylight saving is the start of summer beach restrictions at Balaena Bay, Hataitai Beach, Island Bay, Seatoun Beach and Worser Bay.

Dogs are restricted between 9am and 7pm.