Quakecheck Your Home

3 September 2013

Following the recent spate of earthquakes, now’s a good time to find out how your house might fare in a significant quake.

A house.

Is your home safe in a quake?

If you’re a homeowner, our Quakecheck service will give you a professional assessment of parts of your house to see if they need strengthening.

The service - developed with the help of the New Zealand Master Builders Federation and the Certified Builders Association - is available anywhere in the Wellington City area.

A Quakecheck assessment involves a qualified builder visiting your house to check:

  • the chimney
  • foundations
  • piles
  • bracing
  • roof tiles
  • hot water cylinder.

You’ll get a written report and an indication of how much any strengthening work might cost.

The assessment costs $160 and takes between 30 minutes and two hours depending on the size and design of your house.

To complement Quakecheck we also have a free guide, Earthquake Strengthen Your House, which gives practical advice about reducing the risk of damage. The guide is available on:

To book an assessment, visit:
Earthquake-prone Buildings - Quakecheck Home Assessment Service