Going on Holiday? Remember to Vote!

23 September 2013

Voting in the local elections coincides with the school holidays so parents of school-aged children are urged to vote before heading out of town or take their voting papers with them for posting.

Wellington City Electoral Officer Charlie Inggs says the voting period has coincided with school holidays during previous elections.

“The lead-up to school holidays can be a busy time, and we’ve heard from some parents that voting papers can get overlooked with everything else to organise. So we’re encouraging people to vote before they go, or to take the voting papers with them and pop them in the post before 9 October so they reach my office in plenty of time before voting closes on the 12th.

“It’s important to use your voice to have a say in how Wellington is run – and it’s much easier to plan ahead than face the possibility of scrambling to get papers into the election office before the deadline when you get back from your holiday,” says Charlie.

The prepaid Freepost envelope provided with voting papers can be posted from anywhere in New Zealand.

If voters are holidaying overseas, the Freepost envelopes can’t be used so they should post their papers before leaving the country. If voters do need to post papers from overseas they’ll need to ensure they purchase the correct airmail postage to New Zealand from the country they are in.

Voting papers were sent out from last Friday and should be with all enrolled voters by Wednesday or Thursday this week. If voters haven’t received papers by then, they should contact the Electoral Officer on 499 4444.

Schools break for their two-week holidays on Friday, a week into the three-week voting period.

Voting closes at noon on Saturday 12 October. Elections are being held for Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Capital & Coast District Health Board and Tawa Community Board (for voters in that area).

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