Disrupt - A Sculpture Exhibition

17 September 2013

Irrigation pipes, fishing boat floats, salvaged wood, construction plastic, shredded truck tyres and rubber sheeting is just some of the stuff sculpture artist Perry Scott uses in Toi Pōneke’s latest exhibition DISRUPT (19 September to 13 October).

The fulltime teacher of mixed media sculpture and object making says this exhibition is the result of exploring the every-day in every-way.

"I prefer to use ordinary materials so that the process of creating the work is visible and obvious," says Scott.

Using a flame thrower and industrial heat gun rather than brushes or chisels Scott wants the finished works to undermine any narrative the viewer may place on it, focusing the experience on the texture and form of the finished work.

"I use heat, water and a drill to explore the limits and possibilities of objects and materials. The artwork emerges through this process to give rise to new forms that disrupt the usual story a piece may portray, although this exhibition has references to the body and vessels."

While Perry Scott exhibits rarely, he says he’s always creating. Trained as a painter in Wellington and in Maori Craft Design in Rotorua, he ‘grows’ his sculptural projects out of the ordinary objects he gathers during a year.

‘It is the transformation, the elevation of ordinary materials into sculptural material, combined with my curiosity about how far I can push it, which excites me," says Scott.

DISRUPT opens at Toi Pōneke Gallery at 5.30pm on Thursday 19 September and runs until Sunday 13 October.

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