Burglar Bait

16 September 2013

Don’t let your valuables become burglar bait: New campaign aimed at reducing car crime launched.

Men in masks.

Together with the New Zealand Police, Wellington City Council has developed a campaign to help reduce theft from cars in the Newtown and Mount Cook areas.

“We wanted to pilot a proactive solution to car break-ins, something that targets people where it hurts, in the pocket” says Adrian Peoples, Team Leader City Safety Wellington City Council.

“Our message to Wellingtonians is: “Don’t let your valuables become burglar bait. Pick them up and take them home.”

Although overall crime in Wellington is reducing, crime statistics from the last five years show an increase in the numbers of theft from cars in late September and through October.

“Multiple factors contribute to this increase. However, we know that most of this sort of offending is opportunistic and driven by people leaving their valuables in cars,” says Inspector Tusha Penny, Wellington Police Area Commander.  

“Leaving anything valuable in your car is unwise. You’d be amazed how many people leave their laptops or mobile phones on the back seat. Even loose change is encouragement enough for someone to break in.

“This is an opportunist crime that can be completed in seconds or minutes. By being vigilant and protecting your property, we say to the criminal that there is nothing for them here and to move on. We want to reduce the rewards for the criminal element and increase the risk of them being caught.”

“We have developed a 35-second video and encourage people to share it through their social media networks,” says Mr Peoples.

Sergeant Simon King and the Wellington Youth and Community Team will be in the area over the next two weeks delivering flyers, posters and letters to Mt Cook and Newtown residents. Extra foot patrols by officers have been planned and school community officers will be taking the messages to schools.

"While we are out talking to people we'll also be reminding them to secure their homes, as a high proportion of burglaries that also occur around these times are from properties that are unlocked or left open, including apartments," says Sergeant Simon King.

Share our video across your networks and remember; “Don’t let your valuables become bait. Pick them up and take them home.”