Sustainable Business Conference

20 August 2013

Businesses and organisations seeking ideas on how to build sustainability and innovation into their business, and anyone interested in a sustainable economy, should register for the Transforming Business Conference.

Restaurant chef using environmentally-conscious food waste collection service Kai to Compost.

Kai to Compost - an example of a sustainable business practice


The conference, organised by the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) and co-sponsored by the Council, will be held at Te Papa on Wednesday 4 September.

SBN’s CEO Rachel Brown says sustainable businesses are ones that see profit as something that benefits communities, employees and the natural environment - as well as shareholders.

“Conference participants will explore issues, exchange ideas and take away practical solutions to improve and transform their businesses or organisations, create community partnerships and move towards a sustainable future.”

The conference features a range of national and international speakers, including John Elkington - the global authority on Corporate Social Responsibility who coined the term ‘triple bottom line’ - via video.

Catherine Leining, Principal Programme Advisor in the Council’s Policy team, will speak at the conference about the Council’s Smart Energy Capital initiative, profiled in Our Wellington a fortnight ago.

Sustainability is a concept that’s applied across the Council’s operations including:

  • encouraging waste minimisation, recycling and composting
  • managing development and growth in the city
  • energy efficiency
  • supporting public and active transport
  • managing the city’s assets and finances.

For more information on the conference, visit:
Sustainable Business Network