Help Prevent the Need to Beg

27 August 2013

Our Alternative Giving campaign has got people talking.

Two volunteers prepare food at Wellington's Soup Kitchen.

Alternative Giving helps places like the Soup Kitchen help others


The campaign is not about raising thousands of dollars each week. Our aim is for the public to ask themselves whether giving money to people begging on the street is the best way to help. 

Most people who beg are supplementing a limited income, although some use begging to support drug or alcohol addictions. It’s much better to donate to the organisations that help to make lasting changes in people’s lives and prevent the need to beg.

The campaign complements the outreach work by organisations such as DCM and the Soup Kitchen to get people off the street and help turn their lives around. Their workers address the underlying reasons why people have resorted to street begging and support them to get access to income and health services or find a good place to live.   

Stephanie McIntyre, DCM Director, says they have often paid for bus, train or ferry tickets to help people who are from out of town, sleeping rough and needing to get home.

“Recently we assisted two young men who were street begging by booking their tickets home on the Picton ferry. This took them off the street and back to their family.”

The other participating groups are Catacombs drop-in centre, Night Shelter, City Mission and Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust.

Later this year we intend to install drop boxes at a few locations in the city centre where people can make a donation.

For now, download the Pushpay app to your smartphone by texting ‘CHANGE’ to 5888 or visit:
Alternative Giving