Help Make Decisions on Alcohol

6 August 2013

We’re seeking expressions of interest from people keen to be appointed as a commissioner or member of new district licensing committees being set up for Wellington City.

Two people talking over a glass of wine at a restaurant.

The Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant takes host responsibilities seriously

The new committees will be the decisionmaking bodies on alcohol licensing, as part of the Government’s reforms of the sale and supply of alcohol.

District licensing committees are being set up by local councils around the country, and will replace district licensing agencies from 18 December. They will decide whether a business can hold a licence to sell alcohol, including special licences for events, and approve certificates for managers of licensed premises.

Also part of the wider alcohol reforms, public consultation on our draft Local Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Management Strategy closed last week. The Council will be considering submissions in September.

To find out more about this opportunity to represent your community’s interests: