Funding for Smart Energy Projects

6 August 2013

We’re looking to join forces with organisations to help fund projects that change the way households and businesses in Wellington City use energy.

Solar panels on the top of Moore Wilson's building.

Solar panels at Moore Wilson's provide back-up power


Under the banner Smart Energy Capital, we want to hear from anyone interested in co-funding innovative projects that will help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, encourage greater use of renewable energy, stimulate economic activity and enhance Wellington’s reputation as a smart city.

Zach Rissel, a Council senior policy advisor in the Our Living City team, says we are also looking for projects with benefits such as health or economic development for the city.

“We’ll match funding at least dollar-for-dollar as part of a $250,000 funding programme over the next two years.”

Zach says some of this work is already happening through the Council’s home energy saver programme that has been running for nearly two years. Over 1,200 homeowners in Wellington have had a free home assessment, with many taking action to help reduce their energy bills.

“We’d like to improve the quality, energy efficiency and health of more Wellington homes.”

Increasing the uptake of solar and wind energy is also important. Wellington is well-known for its wind, but we also get our fair share of sunshine. Solar technology is becoming increasingly affordable.

We are interested in exploring different financing tools that will encourage people to use solar technology.

We also want to develop partnerships that will improve the energy efficiency of office buildings. There are simple things building owners can do to save energy, including benchmarking their energy use.

“We’re keen to partner with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority as well as building owners, property managers and developers to benchmark businesses’ energy performance using the National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme (NABERS NZ), which has now been introduced to New Zealand,” says Zach.

The Council is also interested in working with retailers to cut energy consumption and encourage the use of LED lights in stores.

For more information on how you can work with us, email