Earthquake Update 3

17 August 2013

The city's open for business – enjoy your weekend!

Civil Defence, police and fire report a quiet night in Wellington overnight, with the Wellington CBD open for business this weekend - although people are advised to pay attention to any cordons.

The nine story lift shaft attached to the James Smith car-parking building is to be demolished immediately, engineers are on site and a large crane has arrived. Demolition is expected to take several days.

Residents from nearby buildings have been evacuated. Civil Defence welfare has found temporary accommodation for about 30 people.

An information centre will be open at Wellington City Council civic building between 10am and 4pm today. All council facilities, including libraries, are open today.

Surveillance of the city by council building officers and inspectors has identified no substantial damage. Building owners have engaged structural engineers who are working through the weekend to prepare for business as usual on Monday.

If building owners have any concerns and haven’t already done so, they are advised to contact council building inspectors.

All major utilities and infrastructure have been inspected and they are operating as normal.

Trains and buses are operating as normal and the Metlink call centre is operating this morning.

Advice from Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is that people should enjoy their normal weekend activities as much as possible. She says both the Downtown Community Ministry bookfair and the Kirk’s sale are starting today. “The city is operating as usual, sportsfields and recreation facilities are open – get out there and enjoy them.”


During an earthquake

  • if you are inside at home - stay there!
  • move no more than a few steps to a safe place, drop, cover, and hold
  • do not attempt to run outside
  • if you are outside, move no more than a few steps to a safe place (eg. move to a doorway, away from buildings, powerlines and other potential hazards), drop, cover, and hold
  • if in a lift, stop at the nearest floor and get out
  • if you are driving, pull over to the side of the road. Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops
  • if you are near the coast, drop, cover and hold during an earthquake. Then move immediately to higher ground when the shaking stops.

After an earthquake

  • expect aftershocks and help those around you if you can
  • report injuries or fires to the emergency services (dial 111)
  • put out small fires. Evacuate the building if the fires cannot be controlled
  • if you smell gas, turn off the outside main gas valve and report it from a neighbour’s home.
  • remember to wait for professional advice before reconnecting the gas supply.
  • if you see sparks or broken wires or suspect electrical system damage, turn off the electricity a the main fuse box
  • listen to your radio for advice and information
  • if your property is damaged, take notes and/or photos for the loss adjustor
  • do not go sightseeing and stay out of damaged buildings.