Bledisloe Cup: Have Fun, Be Brepared

23 August 2013

With 38,000 fans flocking into Wellington for tomorrow’s Bledisloe Cup match at the Westpac Stadium, people are urged to have fun, enjoy the Waterfront Fanzone, and know what to do if there’s an earthquake

While scientists say the level of risk of another sizeable quake reduces each day, a quake can happen anywhere, at any time.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says fans heading into town for the rugby at the Stadium and the Fanzone will be treated to great activities and entertainment for the whole family.

“Our message to fans is to have fun and enjoy the best of Wellington hospitality,” she said. “But be careful, think smart and drink responsibly because if a significant quake hits you’ll need to have your wits about you.

“In the aftermath of a quake emergency services need to organise and direct large numbers of people to be safe and get through. Adding lots of alcohol to that mix could be asking for a heap of trouble.”

Mayor Wade-Brown says there will be a lot of Australian rugby fans in Wellington this weekend who may not have experienced a quake before.

“If you're in a cafe, bar, hotel or indeed anywhere indoors and there's a big shake: drop, cover and hold, then stay indoors and follow the instructions of the people operating the building. Rushing outside could expose you to falling debris.

“If you're outdoors, stay somewhere open and safe. Follow the directions of police and other emergency-services staff.”

Wellington City Civil Defence Controller Stavros Michael says people heading into the city should also think about an agreed gathering point. “If people get split up, it’s wise to have organised a spot where you can all get together again. Just make sure it’s a safe spot – preferably outdoors.”

Westpac Stadium Chief Executive Shane Harmon said the stadium was well prepared for the big match.

“Westpac Stadium has a highly skilled Rapid Response Team who are trained to deal with emergency situations. This team will quickly respond to any incident, make an early assessment, inform patrons, and ensure an efficient and orderly evacuation if necessary.

“In the unlikely event of an emergency, we recommend that you remain in your seat, if it is safe to do so, and await further instructions via the PA system and security staff.”