Wellington Quake - news release 2

21 July 2013

Wellington workers should delay, if possible, travel in to work tomorrow, until at least midday so checks can be done on buildings in the CBD following this evening’s large quake.

That’s the advice from Wellington Region Civil Defence Controller Bruce Pepperell who says there are a number of buildings in the CBD with damaged and potentially dangerous facades - and there is probably damage to other buildings and infrastructure that has not been discovered this evening.

“If at all possible, people should stay home - and contact their managers and employers first-thing in the morning to get advice.

“We need to give building owners, building managers, tenants and engineers time to do checks on buildings to look for damage and make sure they are safe.”

“If at all possible, stay home - and keep tuned to the media to stay up to date with the situation.”

“It is likely there will still be some parts of the CBD cordoned-off in the morning - so in some cases, people might not be able to get access to their workplaces.”

Police have closed sections of Featherston Street, Wakefield Street and Bolton Street in the CBD, along with Willis and Webb streets and may close other streets if hazardous.