Volunteer's Mission at Polo Ground

9 July 2013

Drop a coffee cup, pizza box or anything else on the Miramar Polo Ground and Neville Tatton can spot it immediately from across the rugby park.

Neville Tatton at Miramar Park.

Neville Tatton does his bit at Miramar Park


Neville, an Oriental-Rongotai Club supporter, is the man you see updating the scoreboard for games. He has also been picking up rubbish from the park between games and after games for many years. He lives nearby and during the week, if he’s on the way past, he’ll pick up some more.

Neville is there for five hours every Saturday afternoon and he’s on a mission to train young players and supporters to ‘bin it’.

“The school children are slowly learning when they see me walking around with a bag. It’s a matter of changing people’s bad habits,” he says. “We’ve got five Council bins in the ground and one wheelie bin that belongs to Ories. Bin it in the bin.”

Council Sportsfields Manager Julian Emeny wishes there was someone like Neville at every sportsfield in the city. He says his team has to spend time every Monday doing a big tidy-up.

“There’s everything from drink bottles, bandages and strapping from players, to electrical tape for goals, socks and coffee cups - and cigarette butts, despite all our sportsfields being smokefree.”

Julian says sports clubs are required to remove their rubbish and he urges everyone to take responsibility for keeping sportsfields clean.