Stick with the Pack App

16 July 2013

Heading out for a night on the town? Download our handy free tool to keep you connected with friends.

Young woman wearing a wolf mask.

Stick with the pack

The Pack app was developed as part of an innovative safety campaign earlier this year. The Council, with support from Police and ACC, commissioned young Wellingtonians to help keep their city safe.

Third-year Massey University visual communication design students, with support from Council staff, developed the campaign based on detailed research into the attitudes, behaviour and perceptions of young people on a night out.

The campaign is based on the idea of a wolf pack - hence the main message to ‘stick with the pack’. Supporting messages show how the different ‘personas’ in a pack can stay safe.

The app can be used by all ages. Users invite their Facebook friends to be part of their pack and can track their whereabouts using mapping technology to ensure everyone stays safe. It’s opt-in to ensure privacy and users can leave a pack at any time. For more information, visit:
Stick with the Pack

The Council’s Community Services Manager, Jenny Rains, says the app has been a big success, with over 1,400 downloaded so far.

“There are lots of anecdotal reports of app users being reassured after tracking down their wandering friends around the city or at home,” she says.

“We’d like to thank the students, who did such an amazing job. Their energy and ideas made the campaign a great success. And the app developers, Rabid, provided really clever infrastructure so we could make our budget go further.”