Sirocco at Zealandia

23 July 2013

What’s green-feathered and flightless, with more than 17,000 Facebook followers? Why, it’s Sirocco the celebrity kakapo of course!

Sirocco and young man looking at each other through a glass window.



One of only 124 of these charming parrots left on Earth, Sirocco famously emerged as an international ‘spokesbird’ for his critically endangered species after he became ‘overly amorous’ with zoologist Mark Carwardine on Stephen Fry’s TV series Last Chance to See.

A YouTube video of this incident, dubbed ‘Shagged by a Rare Parrot’, received more than five million views - and the avian superstar has now returned to Zealandia.

Sirocco will be in residence from now until 3 September. Night tours to see the nocturnal parrot will run every evening from 6.30pm.

All kākāpo now live on predator-free offshore islands. They are renowned for their colourful personalities, and their booming subatomic mating calls can travel several kilometres.

Don’t miss a rare chance to come face-to-face with this feathered legend! Bookings are essential: