New Grants for Smart Ideas

23 July 2013

If you’ve got a smart idea for Wellington, our new grants funds could be just the ticket.

Woman and child working on a community planting project.

The Our Living City Fund will support community activities such as planting


 We’ve recently made some changes to our General Grants, with four new funds replacing the funding pools. Each has their own criteria and areas of focus, which relate to our priorities, policies and strategic direction.

 In general the new funds will focus on how communities support each other, and reflect changes in society such as new technology and social media, social enterprise and volunteering, and how baby boomers are changing the face of retirement.

Jenny Rains, the Council’s Community Services Manager, says the time was right to review the criteria against the Council’s vision, Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital.

 “We want to open the door to emerging and innovative projects that contribute to active, vibrant and healthy communities. We’re looking for new ideas and approaches to things like communities growing their own food as part of creating green areas.”

The Our Living City Fund replaces the Environmental Pool. Our Living City is a Council project to improve Wellington’s quality of life by connecting people to nature, creating economic opportunities from a healthy environment, and reducing our environmental impact:
Our Living City Fund

“This fund will support activities in the private or public sector, such as community gardens, contributing to green infrastructure or capital works such as living walls and roofs, resilience to natural events, and reducing emissions from energy, transport and waste,” says Jenny.

For the next two years the Economic Pool is replaced by the Business Improvement District Development Fund, which aims to support local business communities to make their areas more vibrant:
Business Improvement District Development Fund

The Arts and Culture Fund, formerly the Cultural Pool, will support projects that involve technology and new ideas:
Arts and Culture Fund

Projects funded through the Social and Recreation Fund, formerly the Social Pool, will include social entrepreneurship, neighbourhood activities and strategic planning for sports:
Social and Recreation Fund

The changes are now in place for this funding round, which closes on 31 July. There are no changes to the amounts available or the way groups or organisations apply for funding. For more information, phone (04) 499 4444 or visit: