Local Government Endorses Push for Smooth Transition to New Liquor Laws

21 July 2013

The local government sector has unanimously supported Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown’s proposal that local alcohol policies should be able to be implemented immediately when the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 comes into effect, rather than defaulting to national hours for three months from mid December.

Mayor Wade-Brown’s proposal was discussed today Sunday 21 July at the LGNZ Annual General Meeting in Hamilton.

"Wellington City Council has had extensive initial engagement with health officials, police, supermarkets dairies, hotels bars and residents in developing our draft alcohol policy," says Mayor Wade-Brown.

"Our capital is not a default place and our proposed hours aren’t the default.

"Unless Government listens to us there will be chaos at 4am as more than 50 venues are forced to close at once. If we have achieved agreement on a local alcohol policy we should be able to make a smooth transition, rather than revert to Central Government's ‘one-size-fits-all’ default," she says.