Kakariki Track Reopens

23 July 2013

The Kakariki Road track in Seatoun has reopened after 12 months of work to stabilise the hillside and make it safe for walkers and the people who live nearby.

Council worker on the Kakariki track in Seatoun.

Kakariki track in Seatoun


A large slip came down last winter on this public footpath, which provides access from Marine Parade at Worser Bay up the hill to Khyber Road.

Deven Singh, the Council’s Transport Assets Manager, says this was a large project that had to be done in several phases.

Before the path itself could be repaired, the hillside was assessed by geotechnical engineers as needing substantial retaining work, and a feasibility study was carried out.

The most susceptible sections of the hillside have now been stabilised to minimise the risk of further slips. The footpath has also been reshaped to control surface water run-off, with new sumps and better drainage at the top of the path.

“The engineering and remedial work was complex and has taken some time. A lot of people in the area use this track so it’s good to have it open again.”