Annual Plan & Rates Rise

2 July 2013

Wellington City Councillors last week approved the 2013/14 Annual Plan and an average rates
rise of 2.5 percent.

Three cyclists in cycling lane.

Cycling network improvements are part of the plan


At the same meeting, the Council also agreed to establish a $3 million Wellington Economic Initiatives Fund to help support events, initiatives and partnerships that will provide economic benefits for the city. It is being funded from the operating surplus from the 2012/13 financial year.

Key Annual Plan projects include:

  • Smart energy initiatives - $250,000 a year for the next two years to help fund projects that will help
    • reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
    • result in renewable energy distribution in homes and businesses
    • bring benefits such as health or economic development.

    The Smart Capital Energy programme is based on the Council receiving at least dollar-for-dollar funding from sources other than rates. 
  • Cycling network improvements - $250,000 to seek feedback, explore options and develop a work programme, plus another $250,000 to design and carry out cycleway improvements.
    This is in addition to funding already budgeted for cycling in our Long-Term Plan.
  • Earthquake-strengthening programme - a revised programme of work including a cost increase for Town Hall strengthening - but staying within the overall budget set in the Long-Term Plan.

The bulk of spending is on the essentials of our city, such as:

  • $19 million for libraries
  • $8 million a year on local parks and open spaces
  • $38 million for water.

Council staff found $14.1 million in savings as part of the Annual Plan process.

A range of fees and charges will increase in order to avoid a higher rates rise. These include fee increases for:

  • the landfill
  • general admission and swim memberships at pools
  • some burial, cremation, public health and water charges.

Concessions for eligible people remain.

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