Update on Ultra-fast Broadband

4 June 2013

Underground fibre optic cables for ultra-fast broadband (UFB) are being installed by Chorus in Thorndon and the central city, and that means there could be several worksites around town at any time.

A reel of broadband cable.

The rollout of ultrafast broadband is a priority for Wellington’s economic growth


Chorus started the work in September last year, as part of the Government’s programme to bring UFB to more than 830,000 homes and businesses across New Zealand. The central city is part of the first phase of the project, running until June 2014.

Philippa Bowron, who oversees the Council’s involvement with the UFB rollout as part of the city’s digital strategy, says this project is an important component of economic growth for Wellington.

“The rollout of UFB is a priority for the city because the best IT infrastructure is necessary to attract and retain world-class digital businesses, which are critical to Wellington’s future as a Smart Capital.”

“Having UFB means it will be possible to achieve the high data speeds that can support high-quality image and video transfer, as well as collaboration, professional development, and online meetings and presentations. It means our businesses can work globally from Wellington.”

The work of installing UFB, by necessity, causes some inconvenience. Large holes on footpaths or in the road close to the kerb are required, and there will be some noise at times. We’re working with Chorus and their contractors to minimise any effects 

We’re also working to ensure that community assets such as roads, utilities, street furniture and the like are safeguarded throughout the project.The UFB programme is also under way in the northern suburbs. For more information go to call 0800 MY FIBRE or visit: