Storm Update - Including Food Safety Advice

23 June 2013

Regional Public Health is warning people in the region who have been without power since Thursday night's storm to be careful with food that has been in freezers but may have started defrosting.

The food safety advice below will help keep people safe:

  • Any food still frozen with ice crystals evident throughout the food, and with packaging that has not been damaged or opened, can be safely refrozen.
  • Defrosted food cannot be refrozen.
  • Foods that have been defrosted can still be used if they have just recently defrosted and can be kept cold, ie if the fridge is working again. Use this food in the next 1 to 2 days.
  • Discard any food that smells bad, has a different colour, looks affected or has a slimy texture.

For further details: please contact Dr Annette Nesdale, Medical Officer of Health, tel 04 570 9007


Wellington Electricity reports that it is putting in a big push to restore power to as many customers as possible today. The company is working with the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office to identify schools still without supply and prioritise restoration. In the meantime:

  • Stay well away from remaining fallen powerlines. Always assume they are live and dangerous. This includes keeping clear of trees and anything which is in contact with fallen powerlines. Do not touch them.
  • If you still don’t have power, contact Wellington Electricity at 0800 248 148
  • Check on your neighbours, particularly the elderly, if you think there may be any danger or if they don’t have heating.
  • Interisland ferries

    Inter Island Line and Bluebridge both report normal services have resumed.

    Rail services

    Services are getting back to normal across the region. Wairarapa and Hutt services have buses running from Petone to Wellington because work is still underway repairing the harbour wall. This work is not expected to be completed till Tuesday.


    All highways are open however Paekakariki Hill Road is still closed and no indication at this stage when it will reopen.

    In Wellington all roads are passable, except Makara Village to Makara Beach Road, which will be closed for at least the next 3 days. Access to Makara Beach is via Takarau Gorge Rd from Ohariu Valley and Johnsonville.

    Middleton Road between Churton Park and Tawa has been reopened this afternoon after trees have been removed.


    All normal services have resumed.

    For further details: please contact: Bruce Pepperell, Regional Civil Defence Controller, tel 021 758 919