Storm Update - Check Your Neighbours

21 June 2013

Power is still out in many Wellington suburbs and it could be some time before it is restored.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is asking residents to check on family members or neighbours if they are in parts of the city where power is still off.

“If you have elderly neighbours, friends or relatives, please go and check to see if they’re all right and if they have heating. If not, help them out or take them to another home where there is power and warmth.

“In situations like this big storm we’ve just had, the community needs to come together and help each other.”

The storm that has battered the Wellington region is now slowly easing and daylight has allowed Civil Defence to get a good picture of the damage around the city.

The Wellington Region Civil Defence Controller, Bruce Pepperell, says there has been extensive damage caused by trees, downed power lines and slips, with the south of Wellington being hit particularly hard.

“The South Coast is looking like a bombsite – with roads uplifted and debris strewn everywhere. Despite this we have now managed to open the coastal road between Houghton Bay and Island Bay. The coastal road between Island Bay and Owhiro Bay is badly damaged and still remains closed although crews are out and working on it.”

Mr Pepperell also asks people to keep out of Wellington’s Town Belt or any public parks that have many trees.

“There will likely be many downed trees in the Town Belt - and trees that could come down at any stage. It’s too risky for the public to go into these areas before we’ve had our staff inspect and clear the areas.”

Traffic lights are out around the region. Police say the right hand rule applies – give way to the right. Drive with care and be considerate to others.

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