Latest on Miramar Upgrade

25 June 2013

The upgrade of the Miramar Avenue and Park Road junction is coming along well and is on target to be finished before the Wellington Film Festival starts at the end of July.

Artist’s impression of how Miramar town centre will look.

Artist's impression of how Miramar town centre will look.


However, due to last week’s terrible weather, the concrete-pouring has fallen behind. We need several fine days to make this up.

Yesterday we started on the installation of the new public toilet on the corner of Park Road and Miramar Avenue.

Work on the tram shelter may take longer than expected because one corner of the shelter has slumped. With the help of a heritage specialist, we’re considering how we could restore the shelter to the correct level without damaging the ‘bones’ of the structure.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to the Miramar Community Centre open day a couple of weekends ago - the turnout showed what a vibrant community Miramar is.

If you want to find out more about the Miramar upgrade, go to our website or phone (04)499 4444.